Explore Panthertown


If you’re looking for adventure, Panthertown has it. Whether you want to take a stroll in the woods or go all out up and down mountains all day everyday for a backpacking trip, you will not be disappointed. IMG_0327

Part of the grand adventure is getting there. The first two times I went to Panthertown, someone else was driving and I was not paying attention, so I thought it was easy to get to. Calvin and I found ourselves turning around a few times to finally find the Salt Rock parking lot. It was my fault, because I didn’t pay attention to the directions I had taken a screenshot of. Word of advice: If you decide to venture out to Panthertown, look up directions beforehand when you have wifi and service, because you will be out of luck once you get close and are trying to figure out the right way to turn.

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Black Balsam

Looking for a short hike with spectacular views?

Black Balsam is awesome for a quick, beautiful hike off the parkway. The views driving up are breathtaking. Take the time to stop at some of the overlooks that look out onto the Pisgah National forest. The Richland Balsam Overlook is the highest elevation on the parkway at 6,053 ft.

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Blackrock Sunset

IMG_3131.JPGRecommended Day Hike: Hike Blackrock at sunset or sunrise. Drive to Pinnacle Park, located a few miles down Fisher Creek Rd. You can hike either Blackrock or Pinnacle. Both are about the same distance. West Fork Trail takes you to both destinations. I’ve done both the East Fork and West Fork Trail and trust me, you will be a happier camper if you take West Fork. It’s easier on you and is a gradual uphill. East Fork is straight up and seems to never end. Some people I’ve talked to think West Fork doesn’t go to both destinations but it does.

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Spring Break WFR

72353_10208974669554252_4281170007624260145_n (1).jpgThis spring break was one I will never forget. Not because I went on an epic trip to the beach, but because I took a 9 day, 80 hour Wilderness First Responder course through Landmark Learning, sponsored by NOLS. It wasn’t much of a break, but I am psyched to have taken it and met awesome people from all over who were a part of the course. The instructors, Rob and Scott, were a hoot. They had crazy stories of outdoor instruction and injuries they have come across throughout the years.

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Public Relations Shadowing Experience

Darby Communications: An Outdoor PR Firm

Asheville, NC

For my shadowing assignment, I wanted to find a company that has a passion for the outdoors like I do and luckily, I did. I have always imagined a public relations firm being in a dull environment with gray cubicles. I was proven wrong when I walked into Darby Communications and was greeted by a dog which, along with the Backpacker Magazines scattered throughout the room, immediately made me feel welcome. They had a bright open layout, medicine balls for chairs, and a treadmill in the back.

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